Felt Relieved! I also in!

I just wrote a post on my Chinese blog, and out of curiosity, decided to use Altavista Babelfish to translate it into English.... i'm not sure if my Chinese grammar is really messed up or if the site just doesn't do that good of a job... but here's what came out:

Felt relieved! I also in! Wrote for a year half only then to write 29 articles open, was few. . . This semester I each week must run Taibei to attend class, goes to work. Monday, two, three in Yilan, 45 in Taibei. Weekend as necessary goes back. Although has 1. to be tired but to think good I to the present. Rides the train to have 1. troubles, but I may use at that time to rest perhaps the preparation schoolwork. Teacher wants to say the schoolwork? I do not eliminate! Taibei's student English degree quite is high. Possible they to study English the opportunity quite to be many. Other advantage are may eat quite many western-style food, frequently uses my mother tongue to chat, weekend plays quite is all convenient. The question is too matches quite expensively! Therefore, I must be careful 1. do not have to spend too many money.


  1. I love the way it translated "一點" as 1.

    I prefer to use translate.google.com. I also like that they allow you to offer a better translation to "teach" their machine to translate better.

    Here is how their machine translated your blog (Their "一點" came at 1:00):

    Rest assured! I was!
    Writing a year and a half was only 29, Zhang, it is less. . .
    This semester He walked Taipei each week I go to class, go to work. Monday, 2, 3 in Ilan, April 5 in Taipei. Back at the weekend. Although it is tiring but I feel good now. Take the train with 1:00 trouble, but I can use that time to rest or homework. Teachers say homework? I do not remove! Taipei's relatively high standard of English students. Perhaps they learn English more opportunities.
    Other benefits can eat more Western, often chatting with my mother tongue, are more convenient to play the weekend. Distribution is too expensive! So, I must be careful not to spend too much money 1:00.

    Oh, and by the way, I totally understand your original blog . . . your Chinese seems just fine to me. :) for whatever that is worth.

  2. maybe i need to say 一點兒, then it will understand... i love that I can chat with my mother tongue! i wonder if i typed 清楚 wrong since it came as a strange translation on both.. anyways i'll try out the google one, and it's good to know that the chinese does make sense!

  3. LOL this is so funny!!!!! Babel translation is not great for grammar though-I've used it for Spanish & English and it translates "only" into "single", which is not quite the same. Anyways, luv ya girl.

  4. Gee whiz, Charlotte, for an English teacher, I can barely understand your writing sometimes.

  5. This would be why our high school French teacher always told us to never use translation tools like that to complete assignments (well, that and the academic dishonesty thing...). What were you actually trying to say?! I would think I was understanding some of it and then the next sentence went somewhere else completely! Have fun with that! :)


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