The wedding was wonderful! Weddings do tend to be, but I think it was a really great day. Things were a little tense in the morning but in the afternoon everyone was just mellow and quiet. Us girls got ready at Johanna's parents' house which filled up just before the ceremony. I posted more info and pictures on facebook, which you can view here.

This was my first time as maid of honor, and I could see the difference in level of responsibility (and amount of stuff in my purse). It was a lot of fun though, and sooo exciting to see my ex-roomie marrying a great guy. Jo's dress was gorgeous, though a bit of a pain getting her into it, there were these little white plastic snaps that did NOT want to stay done up, and the bustle broke about 10 minutes after we'd put it up....sigh....just unnecessary stress for the bride. the ceremony was lovely and i got a little misty, but managed not to cry until the very end when i said goodbye for the last time before they left.

The reception was nice, I forgot to print off my speech, but remembered more or less what I wanted to say. Here's what I wrote out before:

When I asked Johanna to be my roommate at the end of third year, I didn’t know her well, but thought she seemed mature, kind and godly. It wasn’t long after we started living together before I discovered that she was all of that and more. We really clicked and as we got to know each other we started talking, and talking more and more, and more. We’d go for walks, talk in the bathroom, and talk on msn when we were sitting in the same room. I came to learn that she was also smart, funny, accepting, considerate and compassionate. We really seemed to understand each other and became much more than just two women who shared a room. We drank lots of tea that year and shared experiences and stories. We took a class together, Peter Mitchell’s cults class, where the highlight was the day where the prof cracked a joke and Johanna laughed with her characteristic snort, which came at the exact moment everyone else in the room had stopped laughing.

We talked about boys a lot, as most 20 year old girls tend to do, and soon evolved a tradition of “FH” stories. As marriage minded bible college students of course any guy worthy of our attention must certainly fall under the category of a potential “future husband” We shared daily FH stories and spent more time than necessary lamenting to the tunes of Norah Jones about the mysteries of the male mind.

It’s been a long time since then, but I’m ecstatic that Johanna has finally found her “FH” and that he is certainly worthy of my dear Jo’s affections. She had more than her share of suitors over the years, perhaps attracted by her beauty or her cookie baking skills, but I’m so happy that she has found in Nolan both a best friend and the love of her life.

We’ve somehow managed to keep in touch since I graduated from Briercrest even though there’s been an ocean separating us and I’ve been so excited to see Johanna and Nolan’s relationship unfold and become the wonderful thing it is today. A few people have said to me “wow, you came all the way from Taiwan for this wedding!” but really, it is MY honor to stand beside the two of you today.