The Ocean Blue

We had a typhoon last weekend, and it was pretty big, but I didn't have any problems except for not wanting to go out in the pouring rain. This weekend I went out with some ladies from the church, and saw some of the damage the typhoon had done in some more rural areas, saw lots of trees ripped out at the roots and what not. The highlight of our time together was a drive up the north eastern coastal highway. There are a few scenic rest areas along the way at which I took a ton of pictures:

In the distance you can see Turtle Island (龜山島)which is just off the coast of Yilan county. You can take tours out there, but you have to apply in advance since it's a protected natural area. It can be seen from various angles (including the angle at which it actually resembles a turtle) in a number of the pictures below.

Taiwanese ladies with their umbrellas! Rain or shine they must protect themselves from the elements haha. Maybe I should have followed suit since I ended up getting sunburnt!

Posing pre-sunburn.

Some really really neat trees. Apparently some people worship these trees. This place does look a little bit sacred with the light coming down and all.

Su-wan and I