In Ontario

Well hello everyone from chilly Ontario. Actually I think I'm the only one who finds it chilly, probably lack of acclimatization from Taiwan! I arrived here on Tuesday morning and have been hanging out with Jo and her family as well as Nolan and the rest of the wedding party. So far things have been going well and we've managed to have a little fun among all the wedding planning-ish stuff. They're getting married tomorrow (Friday) evening, so just a short time left. Today we're having a fun day including a bachelor/bachelorette party (going to some kind of amusement park, then out for mexican and back here for a bonfire). The wedding rehearsal was last night and went pretty smoothly. When the pastor asked for my address for the marriage license I wasn't sure what to tell him! Actually this was the second time this trip I needed my parents' street address which I couldn't produce. I wrote my Taiwan address down for him. The lady at Canada customs was a little suspicious:
"This is your address in Canada?"
"Yes, well it's my parents address."
"And you don't know the house number or street name?"
"Uh no, I don't"
"Well I've been living in Taiwan for the past three years and they moved while I was there, I've actually only been to that house twice, and their mailing address is a PO box, so no, I haven't actually committed the address to memory"

anyways, the most amusing moment of the wedding rehearsal was when it was just about time for Johanna and her dad to walk down the stairs toward the guests (the wedding is being held outdoors at a golf club) and as we all looked toward their direction, there were two teenage boys who'd decided to come down the stairs right in front of them.

Anyhow, I'll post again after the wedding unless I happen to be up before everyone else again, I was going to try and post some pictures, but they don't want to upload today so you'll have to wait, or check out my facebook if you have it!