here we go a-travelin'

I'm writing from the Chicago airport, it's 7:50 local time, and already getting toward 9am Taiwan time. I got up at 6:30am YESTERDAY... so I've been up for going on 27 hours. I had a really hard time sleeping on the plane since we left at noon, it's been a wierd trip.
Taipei to San Francisco was ok, i've noticed how the big, long, far flights tend to go much smoother than the short local reigional small flights...why is that?
I arrived in San Francisco and went through US airport security for the first time since 2004.... i felt like we practically had to strip down. Shoes off, belts off, anything metal of course, then any liquids and gels out of your bag in their own bag (lost a perfectly good toothpaste today btw) and laptops out of their cases in a separate box. So each person going through is literally peeling off their items and filling 2-4 boxes full of all their stuff. Even sweaters with no buttons, zippers, or pockets had to come off... I guess it is for our safety and all, but it seemed (just a little) ridiculous.
ANYWAYS when I got to my gate I discovered the flight was delayed, which would cause me to miss my connecting flight. I went to customer service and got booked on a later flight, then went to contact Hope's family, only to realize I couldnt' find her parents' number anywhere! Stupidness! So after trying a number of methods i finally broke down and paid for wireless internet access, which is not so bad, and have been sending Hope text messages via skype. Since she has no way to contact me (and i couldn't get through when i tried to use a payphone to call her) I guess I'll find out if she got then when I finally arrive in Indianapolis. OH YEAH and this flight was delayed too, so i'll be arriving about 3 hours after my original arrival time.... sigh.... i'm taking it pretty good at the moment. i read in the news that if you're up for more than 18 hours it's the equivalent of being drunk... welllllll maybe that's why i'm feeling a little happy right now, just me and the leprechauns here at gate C6 in O'Hare airport.


  1. I hope you made it safely and that you have a great visit with Hope!


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