Pictures from week 1

We started each morning with singing, which was led by some of the team from San Francisco.

English activities
The girls in my small group! They were so cute, and really great attitudes.

Phil, Beth, and I - the main English teachers for the week

Awesome helpers from the church in Taipei: Gina, who helped all three weeks, and Marli, who is from Myanmar but has lived in Taiwan for 7 years. She went to university in Yilan and goes to my church, but I'd never met her before! She was my small group helper, and was really sweet and kind.

Students doing a find someone who activity.

My small group playing a game

All of the groups had to choose a song and perform a dance or skit to go with it. This was one of the groups performing the song "Making a Difference"

Have You Ever activity

The game I've seen at almost every camp in Taiwan. They have to try and stand up relying on each others' strength

Relay races, passing ping pong balls on spoons

Newspaper models
There were a lot of bikinis being made, and interestingly enough, all on boys.

Our group performing our dance

Linda, the girl in the front was a really good dancer and she choreographed the girls' dance, it was great!


  1. You look so professional! Lol :) It looks like it was a lot of fun...interestingly, a lot of the games look suspiciously similar to ones that I did during training at Pines Bible Camp...hmmm... I guess no one has a corner on team-building and leadership training games...


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