Hello to those who read this... I've been really busy lately and lots of weird stuff is happening.
I went to Taipei for a couple of days and now I'm home but going back on Wednesday for most of July. I'll be doing 3 weeks of camps. I'm just slowly finding out information about the camps, so I'll be madly getting ready for those at the end of next week.
I just came back from Taipei and I'm heading to Yuli tonight because of an unexpected emergency. I'm ok, but some people I know aren't so please pray for my friends in Yuli.
ALSO sometime between thursday and friday my hotmail account and msn were messed up. I'm not sure what happened, but I can't get into either, it's like someone changed the password on me. I've been thinking of switching completely to gmail for awhile, but I didn't think i'd be doing it without all my contacts!!! So anyways, if you need to reach me, please email at my gmail.com account. The name is xialudi. I have a new msn - chars new msn (without the spaces) which is at hotmail just for using messenger. So if you're wondering why i haven't been online lately, try adding this address! I usually don't post my emails and such on this kind of public forum (don't want spam) but i don't have anyone's email address so I have to do it this way.
I'll update again soon.