Today's Headlines

I read the newspaper maybe once a week. It's a good activity for a long train ride or an hour at Starbucks. I came across two noteworthy news stories yesterday... mostly noteworthy because of how ridiculous they are:

Roof collapses, kills 16
At first glance not an amusing event. But this happened last week in China. The roof of a house collapsed killing and injuring people attending a banquet. The owner of the house was having a banquet for his friends and neighbors as a thank you for helping him build his new house. I guess they didn't do a very good job....

Malaysian Court rejects convert's appeal
A Malaysian woman was refused her request to change her official religion on her national ID from Islam to Christianity. Officials were quoted as saying: "She cannot simply at her own whims enter or leave her religion. There are rules." I don't see how anyone but you yourself may choose your own belief system...


  1. LOL, wow! Drake and I had a good chuckle over this first one... :D The second one is bizarre and not so funny- but you're right. Maybe one day all places in the world will acknowledge that...


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