Well now that I have a new visa that lets me stay in this country for another year, I'm going to once again attempt to get my drivers' license. Let's see what kind of strange rule they'll come up with this time (people with red hair can't drive scooters in Taiwan?). Maybe you'll recall the difficulties I had last year with my ARC being short a couple of weeks, so they refused to let me take the test. Well about a month after that I broke my leg, so I ended up not pursuing it further, but this time, I HOPE I can get it. And with questions like the above on the test, well I don't know if it makes it easier or more difficult...sometimes the answers are quite obvious. Others, it's like well I have no idea what the question is actually asking! Don't know who translated the questions..anyways.

I tend to put things off if I'm unsure about them. Last week the fluorescent light above my bed burned out, but I wasn't sure where to get a new one. So I lived in semi-darkness for a couple of days before I finally asked someone, and then asked someone else. Finally I found that the little store down the street has them, so I went to buy one. It had been almost a week at this point. I took my old light in, he got me one AND recycled the old one for me. All for NT$30. That's right about a dollar. Why did I wait so long? sigh...