The Roach Monster of 5-4 (that's where I live)

We are not alone.
Our unsuspecting heroine flings back the screen to the kitchen on her way to make some iced tea. She hears a soft scuttle and her eyes focus on the monstrosity just before it dashes into the dark kitchen cupboard from whence it came. She utters a bloodcurdling shriek and reaches for the nearest weapon. In this case, a can of RAID. She ponders for a minute about the adverse effects of spraying the food in her pantry with a toxic substance, but by this time it is already too late. The thing is gone. She gives a warning spray around the edges of the closed door, though perhaps it is a fruitless precaution....

That's right, folks, there's a cockroach in my kitchen. Actually this isn't the first time I've seen it. I meant to post earlier about the amazing kamikaze cockroach. In our last encounter, I turned the gas burner on to boil the kettle and it jumped out from among the flames, decided in an instant that preferred the environment below the burner and leaped back into the middle of the open fire. I was hoping that was the last I'd see of it, but apparently I DIDN'T fry it, since it's still there. (And is it just me, or is it bigger than last time?) This is now the SECOND time it's caused my heartbeat to jump to near heart-attack levels... this is WAR roachie...well, that is, if I can get up enough courage to smash you.....


    I am SO sorry you have to go through that. May it not live to see another day. P.S. dont smash it, spray it, then scoop it up and flush it.

  2. Blahhh! THAT'S SO GROSS. I don't know if I could handle that in my kitchen- but then again, I'm not sure I 'd rather have it in any other room either... You'll win the war, don't you worry!!! ;-)


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