comings and goings

OK guys, I have not been blogging lately....perhaps because I've been spending too much time on Facebook.... which if you don't have, I'd highly recommend!
In the last week or so I've....
....taught lots of classes, though some were cancelled because of graduation trips
....received a gift from one of my classes (brought back from their graduation trip), and was really touched that they thought of me!
....went to a beautiful wedding that combined western and Taiwanese traditions
....updated my template for summer! thanks a-hsiang for the help
....used my air conditioner more than I should have
....gotten drenched in the spring rains on the way home from class
....not been to the Dr. I've been kinda putting it off but i'm going tomorrow, and if I don't, you can yell at me ok!
....started planning some end of class parties the first one being next wednesday where i've promised to make homemade salsa AND do a cookie baking demonstration
....gotten approved on a new work visa!! woohoo I haven't gotten my papers back yet, but this could mean a drivers' license is coming soon!
....gotten lots of mosquito bites
....written in my Chinese blog!


  1. I like the daisies!! :) I need to change my blog up, but I can never get on the computer long enough to figure it out...what with me and three teenagers, dad working on some courses for a masters degree and mom keeping in touch with the world...the one computer in our house gets a lot of business!!!


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