All I can think about

As I ride my bike through the torrential rain that the spring rainy season brings is this song:

Quite a blast from the past! Incidentally, this Jars of Clay CD was the first Christian CD I ever bought, and almost wore it out in the next year since I listened to it so much. DC Talk's Jesus Freak, was of course the second. Good times!

Back to the rain. Well on Friday it was pouring, much like every other day this week, but of course, I dutifully had to go to class. So I put on my track pants and rain coat that goes to my knees and hopped on my else was I supposed to get across town? Actually until then I'd been sort of a chicken about riding in the rain. But you gotta do what you gotta do. Anyways, the way back was the worst! You know when you're pedaling and your foot is in the lowest position? Well at that position my feet would actually be submerged in water! It almost felt like that scene from The Day After Tomorrow where water starts coming UP from the gutters. I couldn't even see the road in some places.... I also noted that in conditions of limited visibility, Yilan drivers are 70% MORE likely to run red lights... Anyways, I made it home ok, and there seems to be a slight break now, I'd better go out before it's too late, the forecast doesn't look promising. Enjoy the video!