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It is getting extremely HOT here, I heard that Taipei set records by reaching 37 degrees on Thursday. Here it's been a little cooler, around 33-35. It's also one of Yilan's rainy seasons (the other being winter) called "mei yu" spring rains, or plum blossom rains, which are supposed to last until Dragon Boat Festival coming up next month.
Last week it rained a lot but I tried to ride my bike to church quickly when I saw what I thought was a break in the weather. From a Canadian point of view, if it's raining, it will probably stop soon... it can't rain like that all day, right? Wrong! The rain got heavier and heavier as I made my way to church and by the time I got there I was rather damp. After a long service, some time playing with kids and lunch, it still showed no signs of letting up. But the people at my church are so wonderful! They found someone to drive me home AND dropped my bike off later on. So no slippery bike accidents OR getting soaked!
Speaking of bike riding, I've seen some interesting traffic anomalies lately, actually the alarming thing is that they're not that out of the ordinary, but I keep wishing I had my camera. The first was a man riding a large motorcycle with a baby, maybe two years old literally sitting on the front handle bars. While the child was I'm sure having the ride of her life, I couldn't help but wince not only at the position, but also the lack of helmet for either baby or daddy.
Later that day I saw an old couple riding a bicycle. Or maybe I should say a well dressed older woman whose hair and make-up were done to a T, riding side-saddle on the back of her slightly rickety husband's slightly rickety bike. Oh one more thing, she was holding a large umbrella to shield them both from the sun as they rode.
Anyways, I'm just going to and from classes these days, though I did kind of have an exciting moment "running" for the train the other day. I came at the last minute (due to parking my bike at a safer place that requires a longer walk) and had to run/hobble down and up the stairs to the second platform and then to the door as the train man was saying "kuai yi dian" or hurry up! So I discovered that my leg is improving, and I could run for my life if I had to, but my ankle was most certainly not happy with me after that escapade.
Finally, an "I love Taiwan" moment this week. See, I'm going to be a bridesmaid in Johanna' s wedding this August. She mailed the dress to me already to get altered, and I asked around for someone who could do it. My friend hooked me up, and I went prepared with about $2000NT (about $80.00) since I wasn't sure how much it would cost. I also went NOW because I wasn't sure how long it would take - the final verdict - 2 days and NT$150 (less than $5.00 Canadian)!!! I am a happy camper.


  1. "on the back of her slightly rickety husband's slightly rickety bike."

    You are funnier than I don't know what


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