Sunny Weekend

This Saturday the girls' high school I teach at had a little fair. Each class set up a stall where they were selling food, drinks, and handmade items. I went with my friend Juliana and we wandered around for a couple of hours. I saw students from this year, last year, and even from the other schools!

It was a really hot sunny day, and we both ended up a little sunburnt by the time we left. But it was fun to see the costumes and ideas my students came up with, as well as sampling blue sprite and deep fried ice cream.

There's another fair at the boys' high school this saturday, which I've been invited to, though I don't teach as many classes there. I'll probably stop by for a bit.

Right now Yilan is hosting its annual Green Expo, which includes a film festival. They started showing films on Saturday, and on Sunday, I went to two in one day! The first one was
An Inconvenient Truth, featuring Al Gore. It was really impacting and definitely a wake-up call. Visit for more information. Later, I went to a German movie called Yes I Am! and even got to stay for the Q and A with the director afterward. It was a documentary about racism in Germany, especially discrimination against blacks, and how a group of musicians started a campaign to raise awareness after a racial killing in east Germany. Their website is here. Or listen to the music here.

But the weekend wasn't over yet, as we were leaving the theater we ran into a missionary in Yilan who I hadn't met yet, but has a lot of connections with people I know. We ended up talking for a long time and he shared his vision for Yilan, bringing more unity to the churches and bringing Chinese culture back into the church. REALLY exciting stuff.

Next week I've been asked to translate for a youth event at the church.... translate from English to CHINESE. I tried to protest/say I couldn't do it, but they said it would be ok, it's a laidback time to hang out with the kids, so welll...... i guess we'll see how it goes. This is another big challenge for my Chinese!


  1. You can do it, Char! And hey, if you can't, just make it up and no one will ever be the wiser! ;) haha...jk jk... :D


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