A quarter century

So, today I turn 25! I've been pretty excited about this seemingly respectable age. The age that many people say is the "prime" of your life. Personally I hope every year is the prime of my life, and so far it seems like every year I've lived has been better than the last. By God's grace I'll have more birthdays to celebrate in the future. This is my third birthday in Taiwan by the way! So far we have 3 in Taiwan, one in Brazil and the other 21 in Canada. Not bad, not bad. Anyways, my original plan was not really anything because well, I have class all day. And I didn't really make plans to celebrate with anyone. But my dear friends here in Taiwan made sure that didn't happen! On Tuesday, Juliana surprised me by bringing a cake over before our regular dinner date. Then on Wednesday night in my class, my students brought me a cake which we ate in the middle of class. Coincidentally, that class had the highest student turn-out of the semester though most of the students didn't know we were celebrating my birthday.
Most impressive, I must say though, is my students from my class this morning. They made me a huge card and sang happy birthday to me. But I hadn't told them it was my birthday... I asked them how they knew, and they said "from your passport!" during our travel unit a couple of weeks ago, I'd brought my passport to class to show them, since most of them don't have passports yet. I was VERY impressed!
For tonight's class, I'll make a cake for my students, they don't have a choice but to help me celebrate lol.
P.S. it cracks me up that the 2 on the cake is backward in the picture...it looks like i'm 55 years old.


  1. I'm so excited for your coming year! Happy Birthday and a blessed year.

  2. LOL! Sounds like you had an awesome birthday! Enjoy being 25!

  3. Happy, happy Birthday!!


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