Things that make me happy right NOW

1. Chai tea that I brought back from Canada
2. Good music that I forgot I had
3. My purple umbrella/walking stick
4. The red and yellow chrysanthemums I received last week
5. My cool and hilarious students, especially the ones I get to see tomorrow

What makes you happy today?


  1. Mmmmm... there's nothing like a good Chai...

  2. What makes me happy today is that the snow is melting, the sun is shining, and there are puddles to splash in!

  3. 1. It is +15 degrees nice and warm
    2. We had an absolutely awesome prayer night at young adults, last night
    3. I got my pictures from the last YEAR developed finally and I'm going to go look at them
    4. I slept in this morning...
    5. Some one besides you and Amanda actually reads my blog and is leaving comments (though I have no idea who it is!)

  4. Things that DON'T make me happy right is -5 degrees and SNOWING today! What a let down, after yesterday! :(

  5. whew! that's quite an extreme change in just a day! bundle up ;)

  6. Today, I'm happy that:
    -my taxes are done, and I don't owe as much as I thought I would
    -One of the more difficult kids I work with goes to school for the full day
    -Tonight is church night

  7. i've never had chai. . . .am i missing something?

    things that make me happy:
    1. be able to praise God
    2. kisses from my puppy
    3. that it is thursday. i LOVE thursdays!! only 2 hours teaching and my fave class.
    4. that we have been having a bit of cooler air and I can delay turning on my A/C just a little longer!!
    5. i had pizza for lunch.
    6. i got to talk to my mom last night--if only for five minutes.

    thanks for helping me take time to count my blessings.

    now it is time for me to sleep. good night!!


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