busy, busy, dreadfully busy

A combination of factors have prevented me from posting about the end of our trip and my day to day goings on...
One of those factors is my computer which is on the verge of obsolete. See it crashes every time I insert a disc into the cd drive (preventing me from uploading pictures, since they're all on cd). It also has no internal battery to speak of and weighs as much as a small child. Did I mention that it's a laptop? haha So anyways, today I finally bit the bullet and bought a NEW computer!
Pictures and reveling to come soon.

Other than that, I've been traveling all over the place (Taipei last weekend, Hualian on Thursday) and starting lots of classes. Some co-workers were here doing school rallies on Tues and Wed, and it was nice to participate a little.

My leg is doing better, though still sore if I walk too much, but a couple of times this week I've left the house and forgotten to take my umbrella/walking stick with me! That shows that I'm not relying on it as much anymore.

Finally, the strangest thing that happened to me this week was that I found out at the video store that I won a draw! I don't remember ever entering one, but my grand prize was.... a bottle of pills. I have no idea what they're supposed to do.


  1. Why would a video store be giving away a bottle of pills? interesting...
    Congratulations on your unassisted walking adventure!!!
    I must admit, I was kind of wondering what had happened to you. It was very unusual to not have a new post for so long. I do understand the obsolete computer issue, though...mine is heading that direction...I'd love to get a laptop! :)

  2. I agreee, giving away pills IS strange. I'd make them a decoration, or hide them, but not use them! And nice Avatar! Can't wait to see you pics once you get the new computer all up and ready. ;)


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