On our Way

It is now February 9, and we're on our way to Taipei to take the plane TOMORROW. Just two more days of Taiwan fun, and then we'll be in chilly Canada. I'll be in Canada from Feb 10-25, and there will be lots of time to update and post pictures then! I saw the doctor yesterday and got the ok to walk around my house without crutches. When I go out I still need to use them for safety. The doctor said be careful getting on and off planes etc. advice which came a little late...but that's a whole other story.....

As you can see we've been having a good time and meeting tons of people. We just came back from our week in Hualian/Yuli/Kenting and I think my family feels a little overwhelmed at how much we've done in such a short time, not to mention how many people we've met. But I think they really understand now why I love the people here so much, because they have been amazing, and generous to the point of discomfort, haha. More from the other side of the Pacific.


  1. Char, that's great! I love good times with family, and I'm glad you're having fun with yours. There's nothing quite like it- and they get to see what your life's like in person and same when you come back to Canada! It's just too bad your time here with family won't overflow into time with particular friends... wink wink! I would love to be there with you for a week! Anyways, blessing on your family and safe travels, etc. and ENJOY!!!!

  2. you're welcome to come down to Taber for the week...but i'm afraid it's waay waay down from Cold Lake! Someday we shall meet again!


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