I've been to Canada and back! Had some interesting times as I slowly weaned myself off crutches and renewed my appreciation for cold weather....
Actually, it was only cold for the first couple of days, then it was quite nice. I got over my fear of walking on ice and did some shopping. I went to the airport on Saturday to fly back to Taiwan and was informed that my flight actually wasn't until SUNDAY. Don't know how I missed that, but felt pretty foolish! I got an extra day with my family and on Sunday night began my uneventful trip back to Taiwan. Now I'm just here cleaning up my apartment (I never thought I'd be excited about being able to actually sweep my own floor!) and getting organized for next semesters classes, which for me, will begin on Monday.

Now back to regularly scheduled programming as we continue with the Oke's trip to Taiwan!


  1. amanda2:40 pm

    Better to find out on Sat that your flight is on Sunday than to find out on Sunday that your flight was on Saturday!!

    Glad it was uneventful. Welcome home.


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