Some interesting flavors

I've had a chance to try a few interesting foods and beverages recently, and here's my review of the top 3:

Gui yuan hong zhao cha - Tea flavored with dried Longgan fruit (dragon eyes), which are similar to lychees. I'm not a huge fan of eating longgan by itself, but I really like the flavor it adds to the tea!

Banana quesadilla: well maybe this should really be the bottom three, but last night someone took me out to a restaurant, and ordered an appetizer which was quite similar to a cheese quesadilla, but with a couple of surprises. There were no vegetables or salsa, but I periodically sunk my teeth into chunks of banana melted in with the cheese. Drizzled with mango sauce, its appearance is a little nicer than its taste. My host graciously offered me the last piece....

Sugar cane: you can buy right from sticks that look similar (in my opinion) to bamboo, and watch the vendor shave it right in front of you. Then you chew on a piece until you get the juices and spit out the pulp. Tasty and quite sweet, but my jaw and teeth were sore after gnawing on the piece I was given!

**I didn't take these pictures, but posted them on here for greater comprehension and viewing pleasure.


  1. Wow..bananas and cheese...I'm going to have to try that for supper tonight! ;)
    And p.s., the pictures definitely added to my "viewing pleasure" ... lol


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