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Happy New Year! Welcome to 2007! I didn't do anything too awfully exciting, but went out for a bit in the evening, and watched the Taipei 101 fireworks on tv. On Monday it was a lovely sunny day and I went to the Traditional Center for the Arts with A-hsiang. It's definitely on the agenda for my parents' upcoming visit! Only 25 days til they come!!!

Next week is my last week of classes for this semester! I did some student evaluations today, and will do more next week. ESL nerd stuff to follow, if you're not interested, stop reading now! I taught some fun lessons this semester and I always try to include some sort of communicative activity at the end. So here's an overview of some of the lessons I taught.

Sept: Chien-Ming Wang (Taiwanese baseball player) - Read and re-order his story in groups
Musical styles - playing a cd with 6 music styles, having students identify them and discuss the characteristics of each.

Oct (I actually did teach a lesson that month!): Korean food, showed pics from my trip to Korea and had students talk about which food they wanted to try, as well as make a list of foods that have different colors and flavors (sweet, salty, spicy, sour, bitter)

November: Random Acts of Kindness - role-plays of stories we read

December: Winter movies - showed a bunch of movie trailers in class and had students write mock movie reviews (they hadn't seen the movies yet)
Symbols of Christmas - guessing, drawing competition on the board

January: Chocolate: the smart treat - Gave half the students chocolate and then did a memory test (don't worry, I gave the rest chocolate after the test!)

Question: I found out in my last class today that the chocolate lesson (which my students LOVED) is not actually part of the material they will be tested on in two weeks (it's in the second half of January's magazine). Should I teach it anyways or plan one that will help them prepare for their exam? It would save me buying chocolate for 200 students! But, sigh, it's a GREAT lesson.


  1. These sound like great lessons! You are quite creative!!

    I love the music, movie, and korean food lessons. Last semester I taught a whole class on how to use music in the EFL classroom! It was such a fun class.

  2. Happy New Year!

    I saw your parents and brother on New Year's Eve at Joel and Nadine's wedding in C'gar. It was really weird being in the United church that was Calvary Baptist again...mostly good memories attached... :)

    Your Mom was making plans for the two of us to meet up when you come back to Canada! lol :) Aren't Mom's good people?


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