Putting my worst foot forward.

Literally, the new walk is moving crutches forward, then stepping on my weak leg and relying on the crutches, then lifting my strong leg and bringing it forward. I'm starting to get the hang of this walking thing again. I'm pretty sure I look like an 80 year old at this point though. I haven't really left my house a whole lot since last Friday. I had one doctor's visit on Monday and he said no physio yet, but I can practice stepping at home. I'm getting better, and as long as I concentrate hard, and I don't automatically lift my foot anymore. I can walk across the room with crutches now, and I even put a sandal on! It was really really hard to get used to the feeling of a shoe on my left leg at first.
I've been making fast progress every day, and am not freaking out every time my foot hits the ground anymore. I went out for a bit with a friend last night and managed to look around two stores (with lots of rests in between). And today, I went ALL BY MYSELF down to the corner to buy some vegetables for dinner. I was so proud!
Back to the doctor tomorrow and hopefully back to physio. My next goal is to learn how to walk using just one crutch. Imagine a world where you have at least one free hand to carry things with...


  1. Wow, you're doing so well already! I'm very proud of you!

  2. Super progress! It sounds like you are getting past that psychological barrier a bit, which should make things easier! :D

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  4. Hi Char - it finally worked! I have tried numerous times to read your blog but for some reason it never worked. Now that I am becoming computer savvy, though, look out! So just wanted to let you know that I came, I saw...and will come back again and again now! It was great talking to you last night. Congrats on your trip to buy vegetables!


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