Here we go!

I'm heading to Taipei Thursday afternoon and will pick up my parents and brother on Friday morning! We've got some fun times ahead:
Fri-Sun in Taipei (CKS memorial, 101 all that fun stuff)
Sun-Tues around Yilan (meet my students and see my recently cleaned apartment)
Tues - Thurs in Hualian (Back to the scene of the accident!)
Fri - Wed Yuli (My "old home" (lao jia) in Taiwan) and Kenting/Pingdong, aquarium, beaches, and probably 25 degrees!
Wed - Back to Yilan for a day
Fri - Back to Taipei (National Palace Museum and Grand Hotel)
Sat - Back to Canada! (I'm going too!)

You might get an update with some pics when I'm in Yilan! Until then, enjoy your weekend!!!