Got some pics from New Years Day. It was really hot and sunny that day as you can see from the fact that I'm squinting in EVERY picture! The weather has taken a turn for the cool (11 degrees) and my hands felt like ice all day.

Had my last classes at one school today, and instated a new lateness policy which I think may just get results - 5 push-ups for every minute late. It works in my 2 hour, smaller classes where i can afford the short diversion, (I don't think I'd use it in my 50 minute classes, which end up being 45-40 minutes once everyone shows...another 5 minutes for punishment just isn't worth it).

They did some fun role plays today on the topic of holidays and inviting someone to spend a holiday with you. The highlights were a group talking about ghost festival where one of the people ended up being a ghost (the other boy screamed and ran out the door at the reveal), and one 10th grade boy turning down an invitation because he had a date with Charlotte. Should I be worried? LOL

My surgery is on Thursday, and my Chinese teacher is going to come by the hospital in the morning, in case I need any English speaker support. Everyone else seems to think it isn't a big deal going into surgery where you potentially can't understand something the doctor or anesthesiologist tells you beforehand, but it's a big deal to ME. I'm the one being cut open. So while really thankful for my friend Alice accompanying me and all her help lately, I was really stressing about not having someone with strong English there. I didn't want to ask my Chinese teacher b/c she has 4 kids and homeschools, so I didn't think it would be very convenient for her. But she said it is, the older girls have to go to the school for exams that morning. So big sigh of relief (i almost cried when she said she could come). Please pray for me this week!


  1. Heavenly Father, would you please give Char a peace that goes beyond her understanding tonight and tomorrow? Please give her the ability to know and understand all that is going on around her and to her--even though it might be in a language other than her native one. Please heal her ankle and keep her safe. Lord, please use this situation to bring glory to Yourself. Give her oppotunities to share your Good News with others while she is recovering from surgery. Amen.

    Char--I posted your request on my blog. Hope you don't mind. (I, uh, also borrowed two of your pics.) If it bothers you to have you on my blog--I can and will take it down. Just let me know.

    Blessings to you my bloggy-friend. I will keep in prayer all day Thrusday as the Holy Spirit brings you to mind.

  2. Anonymous8:26 am

    hey seestair
    i finally got the net so hopefully we can hook up and chat
    hope your doing fine!
    love ya!


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