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Check it out: Doctors without borders each years reports on the Top 10 Underreported events. Serious things happening in the world that we're not aware of in part because we're busy carrying on about things like paris hilton's new hairstyle or who got kicked off survivor... and in part because the media knows they'll make more money off of those two things than tuberculosis or malnutrition... sigh it hurts my heart to read these.... take a look, be prepared to be disturbed.
Top 10 Underreported Events of 2006


  1. Thanks, Char. I needed to get my priorities back in line...reading my required chapter for class or not is life-changing...but these issues are. It's amazing to me how such major events/happenings can be given huge coverage/support for a day and then just swept under the carpet, as if they are somehow all better, just like that. What is so wrong with our culture that we could be so self-centred as to believe something that doesn't directly affect us can't be of much importance?

  2. It's so good to find you on here! I have been enjoying catching up on your life.


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