back on the horse...

or more accurately, the bike...that's right, I rode a bike!
ok, so it was a stationary exercise bike at physio
but it was a bike nonetheless. the significance of this is that the range of motion in my ankle is improving. Actually riding a bike is much less painful than walking!
I'm moving a little faster these days, and have actually been going out quite a bit. I need to practice for next weekend when my family arrives in Taiwan! Let the good times roll! It's going to be a blast as long as it doesn't rain too much, and we can keep our stress levels down.

Any Taiwan friends out there have suggestions of a spectacular first day activity?
We're doing the Zoo and 101 on the second day, and the National Palace Museum close to the end.

So right now some of the options are - Danshui (the short tour - not too much walking for me), CKS Memorial, the Living Mall, Miramar (ferris wheel)
The biggest problem is that they're getting here freakin' 5:45 am...what's open and fun in Taipei on a Friday morning? Like after 9am once we get settled, back to the hotel and all that. Maybe we can just ride up and down the MRT line? haha


  1. I am so envious that your family is coming! Who all is coming? How many? How long? Did you write about that already I forget?

    What about going to YingGe? It is not in Taipei, but is a great tourist spot about a 1 hour train ride (slow/electric train only) the other way from you--towards ChongLi and HsingChu.

    YingGe is known for its pottery. And recently it has been making itself a tourist friendly place. You can make your own pottery. Great place to shop for souviners. Can see potters making, uh well, pots. And there are some great coffee shops there too.

    I love going there--have taken many "foreigners."

    I would save the ferris wheel for when you do the National Palace--they are SO CLOSE to each other.

    There is a puppet museum that might might be worth checking out. I went to the other one with my brother--it was kinda small. I can't wait to check out this one: Lin Liu-Hsin Puppet Theatre Museum (林柳新紀念偶戲博物館) (

    CKS Memorial, in my opinion is a must. It is maybe the most famous landmark in all of Taiwan.

    If you are wanting to do souviner shopping--near the 228 park and the University Hospital--is the Taiwan Handicraft mart. The things you find there might be more expensive than if you were to find them on the street. But, the only difference is that you can find them there all the time--on the street you take your chances. I like to go there near the end of trip rather than at the beginning. Use it to fill in the holes. (

    If your family is Christian, you could help them to see realize the darkness by going to LongShan Temple and prayer walking, observing, learning.

    Sam and I actually did ride the MRT line from DanShui all the way to the end just for fun one day. He wanted to be able to say that he rode it from top to bottom. It took us about an hour. We played guessing games the whole time--it was a blast. :)

    DanShui is a good choice--but Friday morning?? My guess would be that afternoon or evening would be better.

    There are also hot springs in PanChiao (or something like that) on the way up to DanShui--right? I haven't done that in years! Could do that in the morning and then in the afternoon be in DanShui for the sunset.

    Glad to hear you are back on the bike!! Good for you. :D

    This MUST be the longest comment I have ever written anywhere in all of blogville!


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