Physio Tales

So I would have to say going to physiotherapy (from now on known as PT) at Pu-Men clinic is one of the more interesting times of my week at this point. There's a new guy, and he's a little strange. The second time I met him, he followed "hi, how are you?" directly with "I'm 5 years older than you." Which maybe he thought was cool, but made me feel a little violated... obviously he'd looked at my patient sheet/record/whatever you want to call it since my last visit. After that the conversation turned to how you spell "pee" and "poo." Oh dear. I also got the feeling he was hitting on my friend, although there could be a cultural thing I'm not getting... if we were in Canada he'd have been hitting on her.

I've also met a Filipino lady who comes to chat with me when she can. She's got it pretty rough actually, taking care of an elderly woman 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. She doesn't get days off, and can only sleep if her charge is sleeping (she rarely sleeps through the night). She's really upset that they won't give her any time off at Christmas so she can go to church. I only know a little about the plight of the "other" foreign workers here in Taiwan from the few I've met, but those of us with white skin are much, much better off here. Please pray for her and pray that I can find a way to encourage her this Christmas season.


  1. Anonymous6:04 am

    Could you bring a kind of Christmas service to her? Just a thought...

  2. Wow, what tales you have to tell.


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