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On Saturday night I got to go out! I went to a high school and college event at the university where I was invited to share. We had dinner and played some games, and I ran into a few of my present and former students, as well as some people I know from church. The university is right next to my house, but it was still a bit of a journey to get there! A guy came and picked me up in his car and we drove to the nearest entrance, which was anything but wheelchair accessible. I had some creative crutch use (next step - obstacle course!) and made it onto campus, was wheeled a short way and then we came to the place where the event was being held. The building had an elevator, but there was a flight of stairs I had to climb to get to the elevator. I got over my fear of stairs a week or two ago, but they still make me nervous... anyways, I made it up! This time there were about 8 steps in succession and I did it without difficulty! I may just be taking the train soon.. though to where, I'm not sure!
Back on topic. I prepared a speech in Chinese because they weren't sure they'd be able to find a translator for me. I was a little nervous about it though, afraid I might make too many mistakes and render what I was trying to say incomprehensible. I also put together a little powerpoint with English and some pictures. As I started speaking my face got really hot, but other than that, it was ok, I even ad-libbed a little at the end. I told them about myself and how I became a Christan, and came to Taiwan. Then I showed them the "gross" picture of my broken leg and encouraged them that God is with them even during trials! It was really great. I think there were about 60 young people there.


  1. Anonymous8:45 am

    Wow, Char that's awesome. Did anyone else speak, or were you the spotlight for the night? I hope there were some good resonses to what you shared in those youth people's hearts. Sometimes, we just never know...

  2. Anonymous12:38 pm

    Hey, Char, off topic, but how did you get your Avatar on your blog?

  3. Anonymous12:57 pm

    I'm so so so so so proud of you honey! 2 Christmases ago, you could barely say "Christmas is my favorite holiday" and now look at you!

  4. Anonymous1:35 am

    That is awesome!

  5. Hey carmy,
    on the avatar page, the right-hand side has a little sidebar and one of the links is "export" that will take you to a page where you can copy and paste the code. Good luck!

  6. Anonymous1:10 pm

    Thanks girl, it worked! Yay!
    And Drake and I wish you a very merry Christmas!!!


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