Nothing Better To Do

I found out on Friday that my two middle classes at this school would be cancelled today, leaving me with 4 hours in between my first and last classes in which I am stranded here at this school with nothing to do!! Oh how I wish I could hop on my bike and go home and come back whenever I wanted today!
Anyways, this weekend Ariel and Richard came to visit. They are so wonderful! Instead of taking the hour and a half train ride, they drove 3+ hours, especially so they would be able to take me out when they got here. So I got to leave my apartment a lot this weekend, which contributed positively to my sanity. We had a nice hot pot dinner on Saturday night, especially great because it's getting chilly here! And a steak lunch on Sunday after church, all aided by crutches/wheelchair and car. When something like this happens to you, you really discover who your true friends are.
Anyways, what else do I have to talk about? Tonight is the Christmas rally, I'm really excited about it! Also I'm going to start doing physio 5 times per week. Last time I went they added massage to my treatment, and it's really cool, although kind of nerve-wracking. She's rotating my ankle and I'm just waiting for it to break/dislocate again, but it DOESN'T... amazing! haha I think I'll get used to the increased movement. It's still quite swollen, but nothing compared to what it was a month ago. I'm still waiting for a couple of spots on the skin to heal up as well. But have I mentioned that I really like going to physio? I feel like I make new friends every time I go there, and the people are all so friendly. On Saturday there was a new guy who just started working there and he was really eager to practice his English with me. Right now my physio time has gone from 20 minutes up to about 45 minutes. I'm going again today!


  1. Anonymous2:08 pm

    Yay!!!! I'm happy for you! Guess what?! Drake and I have a youth boy who just broke his ankle today in 3 places I guess (skating). He has a cast on right now and crutches. I thought of you, since you are both kinda in the same boat. Not good news, but relevent. Maybe I should give him your blog and you too could pass your healing time complaining together about how much it sucks! Heehee. That's all for now.

  2. aww poor guy! i feel for him definitely! and I don't have to deal with ice on my crutches (well at least not until i come home next!) you should point him toward it has support, info, tips and answers to questions... i'm almost addicted to it! haha


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