I wish I was here....

Instead I'm here. In my house. Flipping through the 6 English channels we get. Old movie, old movie, CSI.. oh its the one i watched last night, chinese talk show, horror movie...
Ok back to Christmas music.
Physio today was ok...he kept pulling my ankle, which was almost the exact same motion they used when they set it 2 months and 3 days ago. I guess the memory was too vivid, because the therapist took one look at my face and asked if it was really painful. Actually I wasn't experiencing pain at all, just the memory of that feeling and the fear that my ankle would pop right out as he was manipulating it. Guess I need to get over that.


  1. i wonder how long that feeling/fear is going to be with you. i bet it is not something you can just make yourself "get over."

    Do you have a hard time trusting your physio guys?? I'm not asking cuz you feared it would pop out again . . . I am asking cuz I myself am very speculative about what people in the medical field here tell me. And, well, I think I would have a hard time trusting . . .

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  3. Aww...just be glad that you aren't in college stuck trying to write papers and final exams right now!!! lol :S I'm sooo ready for Christmas break!

  4. I love when you update. It makes me so happy!

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