Grow little bones, grow!

Well I got some good news at the doctor today, after unnecessarily waiting a really long time (I was waiting for them to call me in, they were waiting for me to go in on my own). Oh communication! Anyways, my bones are growing!! The doctor compared my original x-ray with the current one and I could see where it has been growing. It looks like it's about halfway there at the most serious part. After seeing the x-ray he also confirmed that my original dislocation "was really serious".
Anyways, I've had opinions from two doctors that I could do surgery next month (3 months after the original) and I think I'm gonna go for it, despite the original surgeon's 6 months. I've done some research online as well, and it seems that the screw is usually removed after 3 months. This means I could be doing surgery in Mid-January and hoping for a speedy recovery for when my parents come. The doctor said I really can start walking after that screw is out and with all the work I'm doing in physio hopefully I'll be ready to walk then! This means that by next semester I could potentially resume "normal life" and that possibly I can go home without crutches, making life MUCH MUCH easier! But of course I'll be careful and take it as it goes. So give my bones another month to GROW! And we'll see what happens then. I start "water therapy" tomorrow too, and I was recommended to wear shorts... well it's supposed to get to 10 degrees and rainy tomorrow, so that will be fun!
Do I trust the physio people? Welllll they're all really nice and seem to know what they're doing, but I feel wierd that none of the people actually working on me have seen my x-rays. I see the doctor on the first floor and she writes a little card with my treatment which is sent up to the next floor. I'm always careful to tell them what my doctor said I can't do yet. For example the one guy asked me "am I brave enough to step on it?" and i was like ummmm maybe if my doctor hadn't told me not to! But actually I'm allowed to use a little weight now, 5kg the doctor said, which I discovered really isn't very much at all. At least it helps my balance.
By the way, does anyone know what this "new blogger" thing is all about? Anyone made the switch-over yet? Let me know if it was worth it...


  1. ;)

    thanks for answering my question!!

  2. oh . . . and i am over here on the other side of the island telling your little bones to "add oil! add oil!! :D

  3. Anonymous6:40 am

    Wow, this sounds exciting! Where would you do surgery?

  4. Anonymous8:03 am

    Good to hear of all your progress so far. It would be exciting to be rid of those crutches! So when is your family going to visit? And when are you coming back to Canada? I have things for you, but I don't want to mail them sooooo far! A friend mailing a small- medium sized box to Mexico had to pay $50! And as you know money doesn't grow on trees! But I love and miss you, and am thinking of you this holiday season. Love ya lots

  5. Anonymous8:34 am

    Blogger beta is so worth it!

  6. Anonymous9:58 am

    And posting pics is way easy!


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