Gettin' Around

Two major accomplishments in the transportation area yesterday. First I crutched up a series of 5 low stairs. It wasn't too scary, though I still don't think I could do too many.

Second, I managed to wheel myself downstairs to wait for the car to pick me up for class. This actually entails a lot of things, like crutching over to the door with my backpack on. Using crutches/one hand to open the door and get the wheelchair out over the raised doorstop. Then transferring my backpack to the wheelchair, putting my crutches inside the house, locking the door and wheeling myself down to the elevator and then out the door. This whole process took about 5-10 minutes.

My next challenge is attending Studio Classroom's Christmas musical, which is coming to one of my schools on Monday evening. Do I bring crutches, or wheelchair or both? Do I attempt to sit in their auditorium seating, where the seats could be too low to get in and out of easily? Maybe by an aisle so i can stretch out my leg, but risk being stepped on, and having to get up to let people by? Or do I do wheelchair and try to find a spot, but am able to keep my leg elevated for the 3 hours I will probably be there. And make my poor friend Su Wan navigate my heavy wheelchair into her car?


  1. Congratulations on your growing independence! :)

    I'd say go with the wheel chair for the could be helpful in not getting stepped on...on the other hand, your friend might not be as appreciative...hmmm...I'll let you decide! :)

  2. Anonymous1:54 pm

    Life really gets complicated easily when just one thing is out of wack! Not that I need to tell you that... I'm just thinking I'm going to try not to take my ability to walk for granted (and not to rub it in either). Little by little, it gets better. Still thinking and praying for you. You're a stronger person than I. (I think I would have had a breakdown by now!)
    Love you lots!


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