Embarrassing to say the least

This morning after church, I hopped across the street for a hair wash, and when I was almost finished, the hairdresser brought out a tube that she said someone had given to them. The only problem was, it didn't have any Chinese on it. It had English and a couple of other languages though, so they handed it over to me, asking me what it was, hand lotion or conditioner or....

Turns out it was "personal lubricant." Now try explaining that using simple Chinese and/or body language... needless to say once they figured it out, they were as embarrassed as I was, though not nearly as red.


  1. Ha! Ha! Ha!! You have me LOL!!!!!!

    I can picture it all too well!! And, I do not envy you for that moment at all!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous10:02 am

    Wow! That IS embarrasing! I woudn't want to be in your shoes either! But(looking at the postive side), at least you got it communicated. Good job! Also, why do you think God allowed you to have that experience? I don't expect you to know, but it's just interesting...

  3. Anonymous10:31 am

    Whoah. That's all I can say.
    So how DID you explain that???

  4. i said it was something for women only, and that it was embarrassing to say...they got the idea after awhile.. one girl said "oh so it's NOT hand lotion" the other one said "zhao gao!" which i think is the equivalent of saying "terrible!"

  5. Anonymous2:26 pm

    Sorry but I laughed extremly hard when I read this...



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