2006 in Pictures

January: my first trip home to Canada since coming to Taiwan. I got to spend one great month visiting friends and family. That seems like a really, really long time ago! P.S. Going back on February 11-26, a month after my next surgery, January 11.

February: I just remember lots of teaching, bust one highlight was going to Yilan's lantern festival with the Pastor and his family.

March: Green Expo. I actually ended up going 3 different times because so many students invited me to go there with them. But it was fun, and situated in a really beautiful area!

April: A Chinese painting lesson! Still waiting for my second lesson ha ha. Maybe that means I wasn't a good student?

May: I did lots of bike riding in May down by Yilan river, where they also had dragon boat races at the end of the month. I wonder where my Hello Kitty bike is now.... I hope she's happy with her new owner...

June: without a doubt the highlight was my trip to Korea!! Here are Attack, Rosalee, Amanda, and myself in Seoul.

July: Having fun and beating the heat at children's festival.

August: Amanda coming to Taiwan, and a lovely weekend at Green Island! That place is paradise!

September: A fun little visit to Yuli before I went back to classes, to see old and new friends, including Jeff and Sherly's twin boys!

October: well we all know where this is going... my week-long hospital stay and subsequent trials with a cast and crutches

November: Yep.. just more broken leg... wasn't doing a lot, though I got to graduate from a cast to a splint!

December: I really wanted to put up a picture of singing last Saturday with my students, but I didn't get a copy yet, so the December picture is my adorable friend and helper, Alice. We've been spending lots of time together lately, and have even gone on a couple of wheelchair adventures.


  1. Wow, what a year!

  2. What a very full year!! I am so glad you "played along" with me!!!!

    I hope your 2007 is BLESSED!!

    in joy,


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