What have I been up to?

Well besides doing random internet quizzes, planning my lessons, and doing physio - will soon be cleared for "water treatment" (which i think entails doing exercises in water so that I can exercise my ankle without putting weight on it), I have been doing a lot of cooking.
This week I've made:
  • cheese biscuits
  • curry
  • apple crisp
  • honey mustard chicken and potatoes with green beans
  • ginger beef stir-fry and fried noodles
  • pasta with alfredo sauce and orange salmon
  • apple and peanut butter
Ok, maybe the last one doesn't qualify as cooking, but that's what I had for lunch one day when I didn't feel like cooking, and didn't have a lot else to choose from in my house.

Dr.'s update tomorrow, if I have anything interesting to report!


  1. Anonymous2:24 am

    When I read the apple and peanut butter... I actual invision apple spread and peanut butter on bread.... weird I know... then I was like that doesn't make sense and then I was like apples and peanut butter on bread... and once again I was like... WHAT! then it cliked toss the bread an just peanut butter on apples.... AAHHH!!!

  2. Anonymous11:47 am

    Um yeah, well, Char, I don't know what to say about my silly husband... ;P but, I must say, you are quite the cook! It all sounded so good, and it was funny when you wrote apple crisp, because I seriously plan on making that on Friday with a friend! Cool, huh? Anyways, I'll be waiting to hear about tomorrow...
    God bless!


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