well i'm going into my 3rd week back in class and my 5th week total since my accident, and i'm feeling tired. tired of crutches and wheelchairs and not leaving my house apart from work, and not being able to do stuff for myself.

my one surgery has changed to two surgeries again, and maybe (i'm really unclear about this part) i won't be able to walk until the largest screw is removed, which might be 6 months. originally i thought i'd be walking in Feb. how can it be so long???? I don't really know what's going to happen, but i'll have more info on thurs when I visit the doctor again. i've been wondering if i'll have to go back to canada for awhile if it looks like my recovery is going to be really complicated, but what would i do there? i can still teach, it's just the getting around that's difficult at the moment. I need to get better on my crutches. I still get tired pretty quickly after walking on them steadily 5-10 minutes.


  1. Aww Char, I'll pray for you! That must be really tough just waiting and waiting...Keep doing what you need to be doing, and I am confident that God will provide for you in His faithfulness. :)

  2. Anonymous3:34 am

    Keep strong, and push on girl...

    We will be praing for you always!


  3. It's hard living in another culture/country. It's hard having a broken bone. Both of those happening at the same time? Wow. There is no way for me to imagine!

    Some of my friends down here in the south who have broken bones in their legs didn't use cruches. They used instead one of those walkers that old people use--but without the wheels in the back. So it was "move walker" "hop" "move walker" "hop."

    I wonder if that would be easier--less likely to fall since you have five legs on the ground instead of three. More space around you in crowded situations. Armpits won't get sore. . . .

    Just thought I'd share in case it might help.

    Hope you get some good rest.

  4. oh . . . but i guess there would be no stair climbing. so if you live where stairs are the only option . . .then nevermind . . .

  5. ooh, good thoughts amanda.
    Char, my knee jerk reaction was for you to come live with me. I don't know what you'd do here, but we'd work something out! Think about it!

  6. hmmmm a walker eh? i'll have to look up some pictures and info. i'm hoping to go to fewer legs, not more though! But it would definitely be better for maneuvering high school hallways. haha at this point i feel like all my problems would be solved if i got a walking cast, but i don't know if that's possible. oh think of all the things i could do if i could walk AND carry things in my hands at the same time!


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