time capsule

Amanda is reflecting on where she was 20 years ago, and inspired me to post:

20 years ago, 1986: I was 4 years old! Living in Killam, Alberta and getting ready to go to Kindergarten, which incidentally was directly across the street from the big white house we lived in. Played with "auntie" Carol, and my sister Sarah.

10 years ago, 1996: I was 14 years old, living in Castlegar, BC and in grade 9. My high school had 4 color-coded hallways: lockers, walls, chairs and desktops in the classrooms were all that color. My locker was in the orange hall.

5 years ago, 2001: I was a freshman at Briercrest and surviving my first Saskatchewan winter.

1 year ago, 2005: I was just in Yilan, doing my thing... not to different from what I'm doing now, except I could walk...


  1. Hee hee! What a cutie!!!

  2. Anonymous1:24 am

    This was awesome, I hope you don't mind but you have now inspired me to do the same, but since I just blogged today I will do that tomorow...

    Loved the little flashback


  3. That is such a cute picture! :)

  4. Auntie Carol10:48 pm

    we sure were cute weren't we..gee what happened to us? haha..

    love you and miss you hunny

  5. fun to read!! liked the way you did several years at once . . .

    color-coded hallways!?!? i've never heard of that before.

    what a cute picture! :)

  6. thanks guys! btw carol, how come you're never home when i call?


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