the real deal

Two of my friends (and students at one of my church classes), Teresa and Debbie kindly agreed to take me to the hospital today for my checkup. The doctor told me, I have "jin bu" which means improved. He was happy to see some bone growth happening!

Look at all that metal! You can see here, a plate on the back of the fibula, lots of nails holding the bone together, and that one big screw which is my biggest impediment to walking!

You can go into the October archives to compare the original wound with today's progress. It's almost better but still a few more weeks until I can do water treatment. You can bet I'll be having a nice long bath once that time comes!


  1. Anonymous3:45 pm

    That is going to leave a scare

  2. no kidding! also, they need to open it twice more on that same spot :S

  3. Anonymous2:04 am


  4. Anonymous9:44 am

    Honey, it looks pretty good, considering. A few more weeks to wait, though, too bad. I'd also definitely have a long bath!!!! Oooohhh. That sounds good! Keep on keeping on (as the saying goes). Some day, this'll be all behind you, and you'll be able to look back and barely remember... (when you're 80 trying to retell the story to your grandchildren)
    ;) Love you always!


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