i called it

thanks for the encouragement after my last entry. still waiting on the doctor's appointment tomorrow, so don't want to say too much yet.
I remember thinking in the hospital... i'm using my cell phone an awful lot... i'll bet my bill next month is $100!
Well I got the damage today, NT$2, 967.
In Canadian dollars that's $103.00.
That's a little pricey.
Actually, apart from hospital bills, I've spending a lot less money than I normally do, since I'm going out a lot less than I normally do. I suspect I'm actually saving quite a bit by not buying my daily tea or coffee, not "browsing" the night market or other fun stores around Yilan, and not eating out.
More tomorrow!


  1. holy mackerel! so do you know if it charges when people call you?

  2. That's not so bad...a friend of mine somehow managed to rack up a cell phone bill of over $1000 Cdn, this summer, on one of those couples plans...the details of the plan weren't explained very well...

  3. it charges if i get an overseas call.. and that person is charged as well... SOMEONE is definitely making money off that. Otherwise it just charges for calls i make, but if i call to a home phone or a different cell phone provider, the rate per minute is higher.
    $1000 is INSANE... I would cry if that happened to me!!

  4. Anonymous4:04 am

    I love our plan, unlimited incoming calls... YAY!

  5. Char, I'm praying for tomorrow and that God would touch your ankle in such a powerful way becaus of His goodness and healing power that the doctor would say you don't need a second surgery at all! I have faith. God bless you hun,


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