6 weeks!

Well this isn't my actual x-ray, but it is rather similar to what I have except the plate is higher up and the large screw isn't connected to it. I have a doctor's appointment next Thursday, where hopefully I'll be able to take pictures of both the original x-ray and the current one.

This week I've gone out on my crutches once, and gone to physio twice where I met some Filipinas who are care workers taking some elderly ladies to physio. It was neat to chat with them while the electric current was being shot through my leg. It's nothing much, just a mild tingling feeling. I also have a heat pack I can apply every day at home. That's about the extent of my physiotherapy right now. It's time for mid-terms again, so I have a few days off of class to plan my December lessons, and try to find other ways to amuse myself.

I've been trying to think through going out by myself (like is it possible, how could i do it, where should i go) and have concluded that I'm not quite at that stage yet, but I'm getting there slowly. I also did a step on my crutches this week without hesitation, whereas before I'd have to hesitate and work myself up to it for a few minutes. I haven't done a series of stairs yet which is necessary before I can try to take the train.


  1. Anonymous1:49 am

    Crazy X-RAy... So is that bolt just floating there?

  2. Jia yo jia yo! You'll get there soon buddy!

  3. Anonymous1:30 pm

    I didnt find thing that i need... :-(

  4. Cool pic. It'll be even neater when we get to see Yours! I hope exams go well and that your planning for Dec comes along well too. As for yuor freedom, I'm glad you're looking at options, but also weighing them carefully. You've always been rather wise... ;) Crutches on stairs is definitely a tricky thing, but good job with that! It's definitely harder to go down than up, I'd say. Do you find?

  5. Hey, this is really off- topic, but I found out the great news that Sam Kibwaa and Joy are expecting another baby! He emailed me ultrasound pics! Exciting news- just thought I'd share. :)
    Love you lots girl!

  6. wow! ultrasound pics are more exciting than broken leg x-ray pics!! that is really super. Actually I find going down easier, maybe I'm doing something wrong because everyone says going down should be more difficult!

    as for above commenter... deepest apologies you didn't find what you were looking for.... perhaps because this blog was not created with you in mind? maybe i should add a disclaimer... haaha


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