On Wednesday night I had a long-awaited sleepover with my Chinese teacher's daughters. I'd had the idea in the summer once I'd moved into my new apartment, but it just hasn't happened until now. Since I didn't have class on Thursday, it was a good time. My Chinese teacher has 4 kids, Esther, 10; Rebecca, 8; Deborah, 3; and Gloria, 1. The two oldest stayed at my house, but they all came over beforehand to play. They had originally planned to come over around 7, but by the time they got here it was almost 9! They enjoyed looking at some pictures and playing with various "cool stuff" they spotted around my room. After mom and two youngest left, we got on with the fun! I'd prepared the ingredients for Snickerdoodles, and we baked cookies together, playing a fun card game while we waited for them to cook. Next I painted their nails (though afterward they informed me that they're not allowed! When asked "Why didn't you tell me?" they innocently said "I forgot" riiight). By the time they went to bed it was nearly 11:30. The next morning Rebecca was up bright and early, like 6:00 early.... leaving me a little sleepy for the rest of the day. I made them toast and they played some more, including hide and seek (there really aren't a lot of places to hide in my apartment, but somehow they managed it!!). Until their dad called me to say he was downstairs, much to their disappointment! the phrase of the day was "Ni jia hen hao wan! Wo bu xiang hui jia!" (Your house is really fun! I don't want to go home!)


  1. That's awesome, Charlotte! What a neat way to connect with the girls! Now I want my own house so I can do something fun like that... :D
    My sister, Melissa, is doing an early teens girls group at Calvary, this year. She is done grade 12 now, so she has got the free time and resources to do that. It sounds like it's going well for them...Their first activity was a sleepover night!


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