Recently Acquired Chinese Vocabulary

I'm not sure if i should post this on my Chinese blog or my English blog, but Ihaven't learned the characters for these words yet, just the sounds. As with a lot of natural language learning i followed the order of listen, speak, read, write.
Nothing like "authentic situations" for learning a language:

Jiao huai - ankle
Tuo jiu le - dislocated
kai dao - surgery
bing ren - patient (bing actually means sick, but it covers all those staying in the hospital)
hao tong! - it hurts
zi tong yao - painkillers
yi yuan - hospital
chu yuan - leave the hospital
shi gao - cast
san ku - wound
bian pen - bed pan
hua, hua hua de - slippery, to slip, to slide
xie xie ni di zhao gu - thanks for taking care of me


  1. Glad you are out of the hospital. I thought/prayed about you a lot after I read the initial post.

    And, one of the things I thought was "I bet she learns lots of new words that she never would have learned otherwise."

    Hope you recover quickly!!

    (oh, p.s., almost forgot. I don't know if you do tags for meme's or not--I don't think I've seen you do one yet--but, I tagged you anyway. If you don't wanna do it--that is perfectly ok too. I guess you have lots going on.)


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