out of the hospital!

Hi friends, have i ever got some stories for you!!
In the last week I've had my first experience with a lot of things, including anaesthetic, crutches and bedpans (which I have now become an expert at using in english and chinese). I just arrived in yuli this afternoon and am staying with my dear friends the Yos for the next week or so. I'll update more in the quiet days to follow. Thanks for coming by and for praying for me if you did. it's been really crazy. I've been so overwhelmed with the kindness of friends and strangers alike during this time, bringing me food, helping me do things i used to be able to do by myself, and making me feel very cared for. I'll write more soon.


  1. I

    You'd almost think that e.e. cummings was trying to express his guilt to you, but no it is I, jojo...

    I hope you're doing better! and we'll have an indepth chat soon?

  2. Hey Char, I sure missed alot of important stuff recently! I also wish I could be there to give you a big hug and maybe some hot chicken noodle soup! Being alone and sick sucks, but I sounds like you've got some pretty good friends there to help and just be there. You can be sure I am praying for you, and that your tibia and ankle both heal well. What's it like to be in a cast? Surgery sounds really scary, but I guess you don't remember it since you had drugs! I've never broken anything either, but I guess there's a first time for everything! Stay strong girl, God is with you! I love you lots!


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