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According to this website, there is no one with my last name in the U.S. I don't know if that's accurate, but there ARE 253,473 people in the U.S. with the first name Charlotte.  That's pretty spiffy. Actually I've only met 3 other Charlottes in my life.
The most popular names among my students tend to be Amy and Tina for girls and Tony and Kevin for boys. My most unique student name this semester is Andoreare.


  1. Ahh . . . unique student names. I should've been keeping a list over the years! :)

    Question for you . . . so, even your adult students call you Miss Oke? Do you have adult students?--I was under the impression that you did.

    If I was teaching elementary, junior high, or high school, I might insist on either Miss Parmley or 李教師.

    But I feel awkward for people only 7 years younger or those who are my age or older to call me by my last name.

    Oke might be very uncommon in the USA--maybe not 0, but at least very, very uncommon. I have never met someone surnamed Oke--ever. I do know of Janette Oke, but she is a Canadian author. So, maybe it is a Canadian thing.

    When you get bored--check out this fun little gizmo:

  2. Hey Charlotte,

    I know a guy at the university, here, who's name is Lancelot. He is from China. I quite appreciate the uniqueness of his name... :)

  3. Actually you're right Amanda, my adult students call me Charlotte. Some of my studenst who I've known for longer do as well.
    Sarah, that's really cute! You can be sure he chose it himself ;)

  4. Apparantly, there are 93 people in the US with the name Carmen Farmer! However, there is only 1 person in the US named Carmen Vandenberghe. Almost makes me regret changing my name! Almost...

  5. hehe... of course many other benefits came with that name change!


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