Goodbye, Kitty Mobile

I met with some bad news yesterday....
I'm very sad to say that my dear Hello Kitty bike is no longer with us.
Way back when, on Thursday, October 5, I parked it in front of the train station, figuring it would be safe for the 5 days I was going. I could have parked it at the church, but I didn't feel like walking back to the train station with heavy bags, and didn't really have the extra time. So I parked her out in the open, vulnerable to the elements and the eyes of passing thieves.
Of course you know by now that 5 days came and went without me returning. In fact, tomorrow will be 3 weeks that I've been away from Yilan. I mentioned it to my coworker while I was in the hospital, hoping someone could check on it for me, and perhaps move it to a safer place. Last Monday she helped me look, and it was still there ! I was really excited even though I won't actually be riding a bike any time soon. Unfortunately, she hadn't brought my key with her, so they left it at the mercy of Yilan's urban corrupt for 5 more days. When they returned that Friday it was gone. She'd only survived two weeks. So let's all take a moment of silence for my cool Hello Kitty bike. You served me well, though I'm not sorry I don't have to ride you in the rain!


  1. After I paused for my moment of silence, I had to let out a laugh! You can be so profoundly dramatic (though I don't doubt you had attachments to your hello kitty bike). And I wouldn't miss riding it in the rain either!

  2. only you could break your leg - doing absolutely NOTHING!!!!

    Dude, It has been a while... very busy, but am following your progress with much suportive prayers!!!


  3. That's an extremely sad tale... :(


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