Day 11

What I miss: coffee (Dr. said no coffee or tea for awhile), my apartment, being able to walk/shower etc without difficulty

Favorite distractions: Watching movies (Phantom of the Opera and Narnia today), reading books on lend from Joey, including Inkheart and The Dragon Rider

I'm thankful for: this family who has really made me feel like part of their family, milk, my MP3 player, time to call people (if i had your number saved on my skype)

Newly discovered website:

Looking forward to: Going to church tomorrow, teaching classes again, making all my students try to stand up using only one leg, no more crutches (i don't think i should be thinking about it yet!)

What I need: better ways to carry things around, ideas about how to change my teaching style, prayers, to shave my legs (maybe that should go under "random gross fact")

I was tagged by Amanda for this meme, which I like to do if they spark my interest and I have time (one thing i'm not exactly lacking at the moment). I'm supposed to write what these 4 words mean to me:
directions, lovely, improve, once

My immediate thought (perhaps this shows my true human nature) was:

If you would just follow my directions for once, i'm sure things would improve and everything would be lovely! Perhaps said in a moment of frustration LOL.
Since my blog has become Charlotte's broken leg story these days, here are my thoughts relating to my current situation:

directions: crutches need to come with directions! Thankfully I'm getting the hang of things though. I'm also learning how to give better directions in Chinese when people are helping me do something.

lovely: when Peggy first saw my stitches she said "oh, hao piao liang!" which means "wow, so beautiful!" which was the last thing I was expecting to hear. Perhaps the word "e-xin" or disgusting crossed through your mind when you saw the pic. But aesthetics aside, this lovely scar and this crazy time will become a permanent part of my life, and I alone can choose the attitude i will take toward it, and the memories i can take from it. I can choose how i treat those around me, and how i respond to my circumstances. Let's hope it can be lovely in the greater scope of things.

improve: did you know you can get tired of hearing about how much your Chinese has improved? How do you say "I've still got a long way to go" in Chinese?

once: I really really really hope this only happens to me once!! Actually I got some good news from my Doctor last night: he said that the original plan was for 2 surgeries to take the plates and pins out of my leg, but now I'll only need one! He said they can do it all at once, in about 6 months.

Now my last task is to choose 4 new words and tag someone else. Actually it reminds me of something I used to do with a friend in college, we'd choose 5 or 10 words and have to write a poem using them! Anyways, I tag Hope and Johanna and anyone else who feels like doing it:

inside, shaped, medicine, although


  1. Glad you played along!! :)

    I think it is fun that you tied them all into your broken leg saga.

    I take it that you aren't teaching again yet--when will you be back at that again? You are right in that teaching is not a job that easily lends itself to time to "be off your feet."

    Hope you heal quickly!


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