Crutch Dreams

Lately I've been having some really wierd dreams which all seem to be centered around my crutches. In the first one one of my friends was "holding" my crutches for me, but they kept walking too far ahead of me to catch up and get my crutches back. I kept trying to follow them, hopping on one foot and stepping on my broken foot and calling after them to wait. Every time i lost my balance, I would think "I'm not allowed to put any weight on this foot yet!" The funny thing was that we went across a lot of different types of terrain in this dream, including stairs and a flower garden.
Last night I dreamt that one of my crutches kept shrinking until the end of the dream I was trying to walk with a stick! The other one was still normal size, so I was really off balance, again, forcing me to walk on my bad ankle. In that dream I was trying to go to class at the girls' high school, where I have to cross a wide track field to get to my classroom.
I don't think my analysis is necessary to see where my current area of stress lies.
I'm heading back to Yilan the day after tomorrow, to try and make it on my own again, and get back to (sort of) normal life. Next week I'll be learing how to teach class from a wheelchair.