Charlotte Returns!

In case you were wondering why it's been longer than usual (has it?) since I've updated my blog, have I got a story for you!Actually, I'm writing this from the hospital and my friend is helping me post it. My long weekend started off really well and camping was great. It was only on the last day that things took a turn for the worse...

On Tuesday morning I slipped when I was walking and felt something "pop." It was really wierd and painful. I rested for about 20 minutes, and founds I could still stand, so I figured it was OK. I felt more pain as I was going up the stairs to go home, and then it happend: I lifted my leg to get on the scooter, putting all my weight on the other leg,then promptly collapsed. It was one of the strangest feelings in the world. Like there were no bones in my leg. I lay on the ground screaming and drawing a large crowd of onlookers. Later I would discover that I had dislocated my ankle and fractured my tibia.

Have I mentioned yet that this all happened in Taroko Gorge? As I waited for an ambulance to come, many stopped to help, and one even took a picture without permission. Anyways, I made it down into the hospital and have already had surgery to put everything back together and hold it there with metal. So now I'm stuck in a bed for awhile. But not in too much pain anymore. I'll update again when I get a chance.


  1. Oh my word! That is horrible! Best wishes for a fast recovery! How long do you have to stay in the hospital?
    It appears that you aren't dying from the fracture, in any case, since you are still able to pose for photos! ;)
    I'll pray for your leg to get better soon!!!

  2. So sorry! :( PRaying for you!

  3. "Jack"12:25 pm

    hey, hope you feel better!

    sorry haven't dropped in on your blog in awhile. it's been really busy.

    this past summer in taiwan was really fun and got to eat all the yummy food and even visited taroko gorge.

  4. Anonymous12:53 pm

    What can I say. That is one nasty fall. I love the pic of you by the scooter. It reminds me of Brazil. I wish I could be there right now to give you a big hug, and grieve with you over Shantelle. I miss you lots. Take care.

  5. Anonymous12:59 pm

    Charlotte! I am so shocked and sorry that this happened to you! I have never broken a bone, but I can imagine that it is awful! I pray that God wil lheal you quickly. Here is a big hug from me!!
    Tara, Krista, Adrien and I were together at Shantelle's memorial service and we wished you could have been there too. It was a nice tribute to our friend and teacher.
    Love you,

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