Bad news on computer scene

Hi Friends,
I'm alive and back in Yilan. Last Friday we drove up and with the help of some medicine I didn't even get carsick! But it was a long curvy ride. I'm so thankful for the Yos who turned around and did it again in the same day. We stopped in the hospital and jumped in line in front of about 15 people....oops.. and changed my bandages had my doctor look at it for a minute and then were gone. When I got back to my apartment it was a big gong show, culminating in a spectacular fall by yours truly. It really wasn't my fault. My crutches are really old "ghetto crutches" and one of the bottoms has been a little slippery since I got them, but when it combined with my tile floor, it just couldn't hold out anymore. Unfortunately for me, i was using it on my left side... and when it slipped out from under me, guess what went crashing down.... yes... my bad foot hit against the floor, causing a lot of pain, and giving us all a heart attack. Thankfully I grabbed onto my clothes rack for support, so didn't fall all the way down. Fortunately, the pain subsided after about 10 minutes, so I don't think i did any (more) permanent damage. They promptly went out to buy a replacement for the rubber bottom (now only slippery when wet) and about 17 rubber bath mats. Didn't do much for my decor, but hey, safety first, right? Since then I've literally just been sitting at home... when i went to turn on my computer it crashed again, and i need to send it to Taipei this week, all i can say is HAO MA FAN! What a pain! So I've been getting caught up on my Taiwan tv viewing and doing a lot of reading.. and eagerly awaiting today where I could update from school!
I went to church yesterday and school today on a combination of crutches/wheelchair and car. It's been ok, but I found that my ankle really starts hurting after about 2 hours in the wheelchair. It's been interesting to teach my classes, but so far, thanks to PowerPoint, it hasn't been difficult as I'd envisioned. I'll update again when opportunity allows.


  1. Hey Char,

    Well I am glad that you didn't hurt yourself to bad... what can exspect with technology, they always crash! computer for you, huh?

    We are praying for you


  2. Anonymous5:48 am

    Hey honey bunny, good to hear from you!


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