Personal Goal

As signs of fall are multiplying along with rainy days in my corner of the world, I've decided that this year I must change my attitude toward rain.
I'm not talking about the Korean pop star, though I think he's a little young for my tastes, my high school girls will go crazy even at the mention of his name (honestly, i had a chorus of screams go up once during an activity where I'd used his name along with some other celebrities).
When I moved here exactly one year ago, I was warned that Yilan "hen hui xia yu" - it can really rain here. In fact 60% of the year, and though not the rainiest place in Taiwan (I believe the northeast port of Keelung or Jilong deserves that honor), it can get rather dreary. I've noticed a definite streak of grouchiness come out when I find myself with no other choice but to venture out into a deluge, and the prospect of teaching/sitting on the train/attending church/etc. in cold, wet clothes. It's almost impossible to stay dry when you're riding a bicycle in the rain, umbrella, raincoat or no. Now that I'll be riding my bike to two schools and frequently to the train station and other side of town, I really need to just come to terms with the fact that I'll be spending a lot of this winter feeling damp, and as my friends from Briercrest might put it, to suck it up! So these next few months I'll be working on my coping mechanisms, and having a joyful attitude, no matter how wet my shoes are!